You’re exhausted, frustrated and your baby is not sleeping.

 You’ve been up in the middle of the frantically reading parenting books and searching Google for any advice on how to get your baby to sleep, but NOTHING is working.  Your baby’s sleep is a mess and so is yours. Something has got to change.

I’m Andi, an Arizona native living the SoCal life with my husband of 9 years (and my college love) and my 2 young kids. I’m a lover of travel, great food & wine, a good night’s sleep and, most importantly, family time.  Sleep and family are my jam!

My sleep journey began in 2016 when I was selected and trained by renowned sleep expert, Dana Obleman, whose program has helped over 57,000 families. I am grateful every single day that I have the tools and skills to  support families in getting the sleep they so desperately need.

Together, we teach your little one to fall asleep easily at bedtime, and to sleep through the night. Sound like a dream (pun intended)? it’s not!

You’ll go from being exhausted and overwhelmed to feeling well rested AND having several hours to yourself each day.

With me by your side you will:

  • Learn to teach your baby the life- long skill of being an AMAZING sleeper.

  • Create a predictable nap schedule so that you have time to unload the dishwasher or get a few hours of uninterrupted work in or…kick your feet up and just relax.

  • Eliminate the endless bouncing, rocking and nursing to sleep so that bedtime is a breeze (even for toddlers and young kids)

  • Show your baby or child how to find comfort and security with sleep from the get go.

  • Have peace of mind, time for yourself and SLEEP.

Sleep training is one of the biggest advancements in the way we lovingly raise our kids today.

 You don’t have to do it the way your  parents did and lose your sanity being up all night long.  You and your baby deserve a sleep schedule that’s drama free, healthy, and sets everyone up for a glorious day.

As a result of working together, hundreds of families have kiddos who sleep through the night and take great naps too.  Parents go from exhausted and overwhelmed by life to being well-rested and feeling like themselves again.  Good sleep is a game changer!

Years after working together, clients are reaching out to share the awesome news that their little one is STILL a rockstar sleeper. The results are sticking!

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