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About Me

I too, was an exhausted sleep deprived mommy. In 2012, my son Salvadore came into our lives. It was hands down the best day of my life.  But, things go REAL and the next several months(ok, who is kidding who? It was the next 12 months) were hard. I knew I was tired, but I didn’t know I was sleep deprived. It was affecting my entire life-my health, body image, relationships and marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, motherhood was blissful and lovely, but it was also exhausting, lonely, and at times, agonizing. Not at all what I expected.

For the next year I tried a million different things to help teach my son to sleep well. If someone would have told me you can do it in about a week, I would have.

3 years later our daughter Lucia was born. I’d hit the mommy jackpot and was so excited to get to be a boy mom AND a girl mom. But, juggling toddlerhood, a newborn, and having a husband who travels A LOT was a huge struggle.

When my daughter was 4-months-old, I made the best parenting decision of my life! I hired someone to teach my daughter to be an amazing sleeper. It was a game changer! Not only was she getting the sleep she needed, but I was too. And, I had more patience with my son, more energy to actually enjoy the day and some well needed “Me Time” every single night.

Sleep is not a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity.

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