Success Stories

The Sleep Sense™ Method, created by Dana Obleman in 2003, has already helped thousands of parents just like you teach their children healthy sleep habits. It was my strong belief in Dana’s system that inspired me to become a professional sleep consultant, and I look forward to helping you and your family achieve the same results that my recent clients have been enjoying. Here are some letters from them:

I am a mother of a beautiful two year old boy. About 7 months ago he started cosleeping with my husband and I and would wake up 4-5 times in the middle of the night looking for his pacifier. My husband and I were so tired all the time and pretty much at our wits end. I tried the “cry out” method a few times, but he would get this panicked cry and get so worked up he would get sick. Then my husband found Andrea and we decided to give her sleeping training process a try. The SECOND night of our sleep training he fell asleep within in 10 minutes of putting him down, without a pacifier AND he slept through the night!!! Andrea was absolutely wonderful during this somewhat of a difficult process. She is very knowledgable and always knew what to say/do if I was having a hard time. This process has been a life changing event and I’m so glad we had Andrea by our side to help us through this. I have and will recommend her to every mom I know! Thank you again for all your help! Francesca D


I am a married, late 30’s father of an energetic and wonderful 2 year old boy…who wouldn’t sleep in his own bed.  It was causing my wife and me sleepless nights which affected my work and our relationship. If we put him in his crib, he cried uncontrollably and would not stop until he made himself sick. When he slept with us, he found a way to take up the entire king size bed.  I was losing my mind! We decided to work with Andi knowing that we really had nothing to lose, but I was a little skeptical because “our situation seemed so unique”. She was very comforting during our initial consult and she laid out a very specific and easy to follow plan. In less that 2 weeks our son is asking to go “night-night” himself and is sleeping through the night with no fuss. I can’t thank Andi enough for giving us our bed back.



Charley would wake up every hour and needed to nurse to get back to sleep. Needless to say, he kept me up all night for months. Naps required my full attention until he fell asleep nursing and I could sneak away.  We knew crying it out did not fit our family and trying to put him down drowsy as suggested by our pediatrician was an epic fail. Finally at eight months old, we decided to get help. Andi was suggested by a mutual friend. Andi was thorough during our consult as she was trying to get an understanding of our troubles. You hear that every baby is unique, but Andi understood what we were going through which was reassuring.  The plan tailored to Charley was easy to understand and there weren’t any surprises since we talked about it in the consult. Each support phone call gave us an opportunity to reflect on what we did and how Charley responded. She gave smart tips and critiques to help guide us to our goal. Her email support was also fantastic. I didn’t have to wait long for a response and she was detailed when answering questions. She even helped us through a rough patch when Charley started teething. End result: He is sleeping peacefully in his crib in his room.  He is a much happier baby when awake which allows him to learn at a greater rate. Nap times are predictable. Mama, Dada, and our dog are finally able to get a restful night sleep. If you have a baby like us or a toddler who has kept you up all night and you find yourself pulling your hair in sleep deprived frustration, I highly recommend Andi for your sleep problems. She has given us a happier well rested baby and our sanity back.



Andi was instrumental in helping us with our daughter who was not sleeping through the night. Every night at 2 AM we would get this little person plop down in our bed and scream and cry when we put her back in her bed. It was awful. For months we tried all kinds of stuff and then someone told me about Andi and new business. I have known Andrea for years and I know she only commits to stuff that she is passionate about. As a former master teacher I know she knows her stuff and how to deal with kids at all levels. Due to Andi’s diligence and commitment to our daughter and my family, we finally have a sleep plan that is working and keeping us all in bed at night.  I would highly recommend the program, but more importantly I would highly recommend Andi as your coach. The program was worth every penny in my opinion and I am so thankful that she took us under her wing.



Working with Andi, changed my life. I’m mother to a 4.5yo boy, and 2yo girl, who have always relied on me to fall asleep. We started out as a bed sharing family, and eventually moved both kids into their own room, where they shared a bed. It was impossible for them to fall asleep without me lying down with them- and would cry for hours if anyone else tried to put them down.  Both kids were waking up 4 or more times a night if I tried to leave the bed. I was feeling completely helpless, trapped, and mentally/physically exhuasted. I was so certain that years of these choices would make it impossible for the kids to ever sleep independently, but I also wasn’t willing to let them cry it out. I desperately wanted for them to fall asleep on their own, and sleep through the night. I wanted my life back! I wanted to be able to put them to bed and relax with my husband- rather than sit anxiously waiting for someone to scream “Mommmm!” Over the course of three weeks, working with Andi, my kids learned (with barely any tears!) to fall asleep on their own, sleep through the night, and developed consistent bedtime and napping routines that are completely stress free. They are now comfortable being put to bed, by not just me, but my husband and their grandparents! Babysitters are on our horizon! We can actually go on date nights! They fall asleep on their own, quickly, and without a fight. They are listening to their bodies, and telling me when they are tired. They went from sleeping less than two hours without waking, to now sleeping 11+ uninterrupted hours a night, and taking 1-2 hour naps. It feels like a complete miracle. I feel like myself again, for the first time in almost five years! Sleep is no longer a struggle. Working with Andi made me realize how much sleep affects every aspect of my life. I’m already seeing improvements in my own health, energy levels, happiness. My husband and I feel more connected than we have in years, just being able to share our evenings together feels so special! We are sleeping in the same bed EVERY night! I feel like I can finally laugh with ease, after years of being too exhausted to enjoy motherhood. The kids are showing such positive changes in behavior, and even showing better eating habits. Words just can’t explain how highly I recommend Andi’s sleep consulting services, and I feel so grateful for the positive changes she’s brought about for my family. If you’re questioning whether or not she can help you, I’m telling you, YES. She can. Good sleep is attainable!



We went from having George sleeping in our bed with us, waking multiple times a night to nurse and not feeling safe with him being so high up on our bed, to him sleeping in his own room, in his own bed with a safe routine. He has a morning and afternoon nap and sleeps all through the night. He is a happier baby and we are a happier family. We get quality time with our older son and are not worried about George falling off of the bed. Our family has more energy to spend doing things we love – bike rides, going to the park, playing together. I also am more focused at work since I am getting a full night’s sleep


I would definitely recommend Andi’s services to any parent who is struggling with sleep and who wants their child to be as happy and healthy as possible. I liked the sleep plan that Andi put together for George and that I can refer to it at any time. She laid everything out so well and when I was at rock bottom, she was there to encourage and give support.



After working with Andi, my baby is sleeping through the night and I am as well. And, I’m finally back in our bedroom with my husband. Not only has our son been sleeping through the night, but he naps well and is happier during his awake hours.  In addition, my attitude has changed. Before I worked with Andi I was grumpy and tired and snappy, even at work.

Andi’s positive energy made me feel like I could achieve our sleep goals and that my family members could as well-which they did, because of her support. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Andi to every parent that has a child or children that are co-sleeping and that are not getting the sleep they need. Andi’s number one goal is bringing healthy sleep and happiness to families.



I felt confident and comfortable with you after our 15 min phone consult 🙂 I loved your calm and understanding nature and the reassurance you provided. I also loved the step by step guide you provided of what to do and when

Our son is currently sleeping through the night most nights and if he does wake up in the middle of the night, he’s able to put himself right back to bed

After going through this process, I have learned to let go of control a bit and let my husband help me out. It’s great to see him confident with our son and also to see our son comforted by not only myself but my husband now too. It’s really opened up a lot of free time for me. I can wash the dishes, go to the bathroom and do laundry with TWO hands 😉

I would definitely recommend you and your service. As hard of a process as this was, it was absolutely worth it in the end. I now look forward to bedtime knowing that I’m no on call to nurse all night long. I actually get a much needed break and the sleep I need to start the next day refreshed.

The process works if you follow your plan!


Since working with Andi, my baby sleeps through the night!! Andi was so encouraging and understanding.  I felt like I had a ton of support. I am starting to get more sleep because my baby is getting more sleep.  It’s been such a blessing.

I would recommend Andi’s services to anyone who would like to help their baby learn amazing sleep skills. The most important thing is that she gives great information and tips, but as parents we are the ones who have to follow the schedule to see the results. I really enjoyed working with Andi, and I am so pleased that my baby is sleeping through the night!!



Working with Andi was life changing for us! We were overwhelmed helping our toddler get to sleep for hours many times a night. Now sleep is easy, enjoyable and simple. Our daughter is proud of her bedtime routine and sleep is worlds easier for her! On the rare occasion she wakes up, it’s a quick visit and she’s back to sleep. We wouldn’t be here without Andi’s help and support!



Before sleep training, I was confined to an endless nighttime routine of nursing and fussing. It was so great to have an accountability partner, and a personal coach when I ran into obstacles, confusion, or doubt. Andi was a phone call or text away, and now my almost-two-year-old son is sleeping through the night!



In addition, I’ve also included some letters written in by parents who have used Dana’s Sleep Sense™ Method in their homes so that you can see they had to say:

Dear Dana,

I just want to share that I am THRILLED with your program! We are now into the 2nd month and even in the very beginning he is sleeping 11-12+ hours straight through the night!

He has learned to put himself back to sleep and we never thought that would happen, it has been simply amazing! We used to be the parents who got no sleep, now our friends are jealous that he sleeps so many hours through the night and their child doesn’t!I brag to EVERYONE about how well he sleeps and that we have a life again!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I never dreamed I would sleep through the night for 8 hours again! You are awesome!

– Stephanie

Dear Dana,

I purchased Sleep Sense A few weeks ago and I am absolutely satisfied. The change was INSTANT, the same night I started reading the book was the night he started sleeping better and he keeps improving.

My wife and I are also sleeping better and we a better parents for it as we are able to enjoy our new son. Thank you for all your help. I will definitely recommend this system to any new parents

From 2 proud and well rested parents (and one cute little boy)

– Jeff, Jodie & Jacob Carroll


Why didn’t we try this sooner?! As we speak he is sound asleep in his crib – and has been since 7.15 pm. We are so pleased to get the evenings to ourselves again, and Tinius – who has always been a very happy boy – is even more happy now. It is now obvious to us that he didn’t get enough sleep before and that our difficulties getting him to sleep in the evenings were due to the fact that he was overly tired. Now we follow your advise on bedtime routines and everything else we learned from the sleep Sense program and are happy to say that your success rate is still 100% :-).

– Karianne, Jarle and Tinius Wanggaard


I would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to you. Your system is well explained and well researched and has worked wonders in our house. It is like Hana is saying ‘Thank You Mammy – i really needed this’, she is so happy since we began. We tell her it is ‘Sleepy Girl Time’ she knows what that means now and tucks her head into her blankey when we say it to her, ready for bed. She is so clever. We are going to stick to it for her sake and like the other parents you mentioned we are delighted with the time together we have now.

So once again, Thank You – keep doing what you are doing,

– Fiona O’Connor Kildare, Ireland

Dear Dana,

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful manual. I have a baby girl of a year and a half who was very active during the day and was having problems sleeping through the night. Thanks to your program she’s sleeping all night, and though she sometimes wakes up, it is for very little time and she goes back to sleep on her own.

It’s been a blessing for me and my husband, but of course also for her, since she wakes up very happy and goes about her day happier than ever and as active as always, too. Again, congratulations on your new baby girl and thank you for your wonderful program. Wish you all the best all the way from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

– Miredly Ramos

Hi Dana,

It is 10 to 7 on this lovely Spring evening and Joshua is sleeping soundly in his cot as he did last night and the night before for 10-12 hours. He always slept well to begin with but when he was unwell and the teething started it all went wrong. We did what we thought was the right thing to do at the time but soon realized that Joshua had developed a whole new routine – one that involved not going to sleep at night and then waking up several times a night for a bottle!!

Thankfully, your Sleepsense plan put us all back on track and we hopefully will never look back.

Many thanks again and good luck in all that you do.

– Toni Taylor

Hi Dana,

Since getting onto your sleep sense program, Beau has been an angel. It was hard going for about a week or two when we first started, but now he goes to bed without hesitation and sleeps well through the night. It was a blessing to my husband and I.

We have regained our lives- slightly anyway and are back in the land of the living because of the sleep we now get in the night and a bit of a rest in the day. Thanks for your help. i have also put so many friends onto the program too and they all rave about it.

– Trev and Beau


I wanted to thank you for the Sleep Sense program. Things have been hectic at our house (contractors all over the place doing loud work during the day), so naptime has been challenging. But we implemented some things we learned from the Sleep Sense program at bedtime, and what a difference!!!

We’re only on the fourth night, but already Megan has developed her own self-soothing techniques, falling asleep on her own albeit with some crying, waking only once to eat during the night and putting herself back to sleep on her own with her other nightwakings.

My husband and I are so happy to have a long stretch of sleep again! Thank you so much. We still have some work to do regarding naps, but we’ll get there. Thanks again and take care.

– Christy Murra


I followed all of your instructions and my 2-year old was sleeping through the night (in his own room) in less than a week. The first couple of days were terrible. He would come into our room about 15 times per night. He also threw terrible tantrums which included emptying the contents of his dressers and removing his mattress from his bed!

However, by Day 3 we started seeing positive progress. I don’t have to tell you what a difference it has made in our household. We are all sleeping again and my son’s overall disposition has improved. He was always a good boy but because he was tired, he would act out at times. I am happy to report that he has stopped throwing tantrums entirely and he seems generally happier and more secure.

I have referred you to six friends and I will continue to refer you to others having sleep issues. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

– Christie O’Toole


I cannot thank you enough for giving me the gift of sleep! Two days before my son turned 9 months old, I was at my wits end and felt like I was on the verge of a breakdown. I had not had more than 4 hours straight of sleep in a year, and was truly exhausted. It affected my home life, my relationships with friends, and especially the quality of my work at my job.

My son had never slept more than 5 or 6 hours straight, but at 6 months old he began to wake up every 3-4 hours. I honestly thought he was just hungry, but didn’t realize I was setting him and myself up for sleep failures. Well, he is now 9 months old. As of last night, which was night # 8, on your sleep program, Christian slept for 10 1/2 hours straight! He woke up one time, cried for about 30 seconds, and was back asleep before I could even open my eyes to check the time. By night 3, he was sleeping 9 hours, which was amazing to me. Because I was so accustomed to waking up throughout the night, I can’t even sleep past 4:30 am now, but I know that it will take some time for my body to realize that it can truly rest again.

Thank you for giving me my me-time back in the evenings, for giving me sleep back at night, and for teaching me how to be a better parent. We are all much happier now, and I am even back to working out in the mornings while Christian sleeps. At this point, I am telling EVERY parent that I know about your program. It was well worth every cent and more! God bless you!

– Gailda Davis

Hi Dana,

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

I just had my first full night of sleep in 5 1/12 months. It was the third night of implementing the program and she slept from 7:00 to 5:00 and went back down until 7:00. I am so happy I woke up crying:) Thanks again! You are a life saver

– Elyce, Kevin, and Jaidyn Battle

Dear Dana,

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your sleep programme is fantastic and truly works! Last night was our 6th night and things are going brilliantly well! I really can’t thank you enough.

Joel slept through on the 3rd night, had a bit of a blip on the 4th night, but I think it was because he had a dirty nappy and was uncomfortable but 5th and 6th nights…straight through! Thank you

– Carolyn

Hi Dana,

You are a life saver!!!! Within 1,5 weeks of starting your program, Kaide is going down at 7:30 with no arguments, and he is managing to put himself back to sleep within 10 minutes, he is also having two nice sleeps in the day. I am a totally different person, and our relationship has improved tenfold.

After having just accepted that this was to be my lot in life, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have to survive on between 3 and 5 hours sleep a night. I have my own business, which means if I loaf, I don’t get paid, so sleeping in the day is out of the question. Kaide is with me all day and would only sleep for 30 minutes once a day, so as you can imagine, I could not function to full capacity at all.

We got advice from everyone, and tried everything, but all people could say was, “you made your bed, now lie in it.” Everyone knew the problem, but no-one could give us a solution, even the doctors. That is until I stumbled upon your website. You made it so easy.

Our history with Kaide was the cause of the problem. When he was born, his Dad and I were building a lodge in the Kruger National Park. Seeing as the house we were in was the only accommodation at the time, we had to share it with builders, plumbers, head office staff etc etc, with up to 14 people sleeping in a three bedroom house with us and our 6 week old baby.

Kaide also had colic, and as I was the only one who never had to do heavy work, it was my duty to keep the little guy quiet when he awoke in pain, so everyone else could get a decent nights sleep. I would sit up all night with him to keep him quiet, and pass out at about 5am. During the day he would only sleep for 6 minutes at a time, so there was no time for me to sleep then either. As he got older we found that if he went down before 8pm he would wake at 9:30, and would not go back down until 12:00. If we put him down at 9pm, he would sleep till 8am, but still he awoke at least 5 times a night and needed me.

Having become so accustomed to rocking and shushing him back to sleep, when he awoke in the night, that is exactly what I would do. Not realizing that this was not actually what was expected of me, that my child would not despise me, or worse end up with a low IQ from screaming. I definitely suffered with depression and only now can I see how badly. I was starting to lose it, and Kaide and I were not enjoying one another at all. Your program has given us back our lives, and has recreated that special bond that I lost with my child.

Thank you so much

– Gary, Candice and Kaide