About Me

Hi, my name is Andi and I want to help your family sleep well. I am the mother of a 4-year-old boy (Salvadore) and a 1-year-old girl (Lucia). After having my daughter, my family experienced months of sleepless nights and emotional days. The Sleep Sense™ program changed our lives forever and I hope to share the gift of sleeping well with other families.

As a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant, I’ve undergone a comprehensive training and mentoring program with Dana Obleman (the creator of Sleep Sense™), which has given me the very best tools and knowledge available to help you get your little one sleeping through the night.

Trying to function, much less enjoy life, when sleep-deprived is nearly impossible. Not getting enough sleep effects our state of mind, feelings, relationships and health. It’s even more harmful to our kids. I can help give you the skills to improve your child’s quality of sleep. I will create a plan that is just right for you and your family and I’ll be there to support you along the way.

I am located in Ventura, CA, but can provide assistance to families anywhere in the world.

Let’s get your family the sleep they need!

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So, if you’re struggling with your child’s sleep, there are a couple of different ways I can help: an individual consultation (in-person or over the telephone) or a group seminar. Both include a customized, step-by-step plan to solve your child’s sleep problems.

The best way to decide which of these options is right for you is to call me for a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation. That will give us a chance to discuss your child’s specific situation and come up with some ideas for a solution.

For your free 15-minute consultation (or to book an appointment), you can call 805 626-8990 or e-mail andi@amsleepconsulting.com.